About Us

Who Are We & What Do We Do?

St Helens Young Carers Centre is part of St Helens Carers Centre, a registered charity, providing free information, advice and support to thousands of adult and young carers in St Helens.     The Adult Carers Centre started in 2000 but it was not until 2012 that the Young Carers Centre opened its doors in its very own building.

The Centre works with over 450 Young Carers from across St Helens and this is where you can find out all about what we have been up to and how you can get support if you're a Young Carer too!

The Young Carers Centre helps and supports  Young Carers aged 6 - 18 years, their families and professionals  working with young carers. You can find out more about what we do on the rest of our website, but in summary:

Complete Young Carers Assessments – This is for Young Carers and their families, and a result, support can be offered for both the Young Carer and their family if they want it

Emotional Support - Giving advice and support if Young Carers have any problems, such as, personal or health problems or bullying that they want to talk about in confidence.

Practical Advice - Helping Young Carers with any problems they may have with Social Services or Health Authorities.

Respite Activities - Organising free events and activities so that Young Carers can get out and enjoy themselves and also meet other young carers who may be going through a similar experience. If Young Carers have any special hobbies or interests we can try and arrange for them to continue with these.

Advocacy - Talking to school to help them understand the Young Carers situation and be better able  to support Young Carers in school, for example, being more flexible with school work and homework.

Diagonstic Information - Giving information about the medical condition of the cared for person, what their medication does to them and details of other organisations who can help and offer support.

Focus Groups - Organising Young Carers’ focus groups which may help with feelings of low self esteem, anxiety or lack of confidence.

Signposting to other services that can support the whole family or young carer.

Attend meetings on behalf of the young carer or family.

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